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About Us

We Manage Wealth with Integrity and Purpose

WestPeak Private Wealth is a Montana-based wealth management firm providing comprehensive financial services to individuals and businesses around the country.

Our Primary Purpose

We believe in and adhere to a holistic wealth management process that’s centered on helping clients achieve their financial goals.

We get to know as much as we can about our clients’ current circumstances, needs, desires, and objectives, then work alongside you to create a plan that will help you achieve those goals. We always put your best interests first, and manage your wealth with an unshakeable honesty and clear purpose—so you can always trust that our team is doing what’s right for you.

Financial Guidance You Can Trust

We believe the only sustainable basis for a client-advisor relationship is mutual trust, and we strive to earn your trust by telling you the pure, undiluted truth at all times.

Client Centered

We are committed to being truthful and transparent in every service we provide and investment decision we recommend.

As a result, we’ve built strong, trusting relationships with our clients that last for years, and extend beyond the confines of our office. We take an interest in your life, and become friends and partners as we work towards your goals together. When life takes an unexpected turn or the market experiences a rapid decline, our clients remain confident in their long-term plan and the support we provide to help keep them on track.

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